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5 Gallon Pail
Natural Pet

5 Gallon Pail
Natural Pet


Your pet deserves the best. The use of non-toxic, organic products on all surfaces that your pet comes in contact with can improve the quality of your pet’s life.

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Non-toxic solution containing purified water, plant-based enzymes and minerals, organic alcohol, folic acid, natural vanilla, and coconut oil.

Uses & Directions
Removes stains, spots, odors, urine, and more…

Walls, Moulding & Floors:  Spray, then wipe with clean cloth.

Carpets:  For fresh stains, spray on spots then blot with clean, white cloth.   For older and/or set-in stains spray on spots then scrub with brush.  Finish by blotting with a clean, white cloth.

Pet Bedding, linens, comforters, furniture, etc.:  Spray on spots, then follow manufacturer’s washing instructions.

Additional information

Weight 640 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 14.75 in


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Natural Pet”

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