Our entire line of products are nontoxic, effective, and fragrance-free. Perfect for all your daily eco-friendly cleaning needs.

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“Here at the Beverly Hills Bike Shop we have been selling & using KisClean for about 10 years now.  I remember my 1st experience with the product; I noticed one of our mechanics using a product from an un-marked spray bottle, it didn’t have any coloring or harsh chemical smell.  Initially, I thought it was water, until I asked what it was & discovered that it was an environmentally friendly bike cleaner made by KisClean – the same one we sell here in the bike shop.

Apparently, one day our mechanics ran out of cleaner and, in desperation, grabbed a bottle of KisClean from the store’s shelves.  It worked so well that from that day on our mechanics have used nothing but KisClean.  The Beverly Hills Bike Shop has 50 years of combined working experience in the Bike industry & we have never used a product that was so effective at cleaning, with the added bonus that it’s odorless & harmless to the skin.  The product is very “hand-friendly”, as we know from using other cleaning products that really dry out your hands and leave a chemical odor after using.  This product does not.

We have recently tried a new Industrial Strength formula from KisClean — this new stuff is awesome.  You end up using less because it is a much more powerful formula, and just like the original formula, it is still very material friendly as it does not harm any surface.  Because we work with high-end composites & aluminum, we have to be careful with what we use as a cleaner, so as to not cause any damage to the integrity of the material.  With the industrial strength, KisClean has kept the same key advantages (environmentally friendly, odorless, skin friendly, and effective) of their original formula but with extra cleaning power.  Thanks, KisClean!”


Esteban Preciado

General Manager – Beverly Hills Bike Shop

I love that they use non-toxic solutions that leave no odor or allergens.
Barbara K.
The products don't have any fumes and non toxic for my kids.
Maryam L.
Our office is pet friendly and because KisClean uses environmentally safe products, we don't have to worry about them getting sick.
Mimi S.
The products are great cleaners and don't have that terrible chemical smell that always drives my allergies crazy.
Kyle R