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Green Home Cleaning Kit

Green Home Cleaning Kit


Keep it Simple with our Green Home Cleaning Kit is everything you need to clean and protect your home or business while protecting the environment and your loved ones against harsh and dangerous chemicals.

It is perfect solution for many occasions:

  • A new home or apartment
  • Families with Allergies & Skin Irritations
  • Quality control of in-home cleaning services
  • Health Safety of Children and Pets
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1 KisClean Multi-Purpose (Spray)
1 KisClean Degreaser (Spray)
1 KisClean Glass Cleaner (Spray)
1 KisClean Carpet Cleaner (Spray)
1 Baking Soda


1 Microfiber Floor Duster
1 Microfiber Ceiling Duster


35 White Terrey Cleaning Cloths
4 Reclaimed Blue Glass Cleaning Cloths
7 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


1 Toilet Brush
1 Grout Brush
1 Scrub Brush
4 Scouring Pads
2 Swedish Dishcloths


1 Water Bucket
1 Telescopic Pole (mop stick)
1 Mop Frame Base
4 Mop Pads


6 Black Trash Bags
6 White Trash Bags

Are you or someone you know moving?

Give them a purposeful gift with a lasting and sustainable impact!

Additional information

Weight 500 oz
Dimensions 50 × 34 × 45 in


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