Our products are sustainable solutions for you, your children, your pets, and for every counter, sink, table, floor, and surface in your home. And remember, sustainability is not just about our world, but the world beyond it.

Our products represent a culture of change and we want to mirror that culture; not just in how we do business, but in how we give back. This planet has given us everything so now it is our turn to reciprocate.

Ultimately, we cannot do anything alone. That is why KisClean actively seeks philanthropic partners in order to make sustainable households & businesses the new norm.

We are proudest of our donation of both products and services to The Painted Turtle.  This organization, founded by Paul Newman, strives to provide a year-round authentic camp experience to children with life-threatening diseases and their families, and they do so free of charge. Through The Painted Turtle thousands of campers and family members have a chance to come together each year to sing, dance, laugh, grow and discover their potential.